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Rajesh Ahuja


"At the Dependable Group, I believe that there is always a better and more efficient way of doing what appears to have already been perfected. "

Rajesh Ahuja is a Mechanical Engineer with varied and extensive experience in the construction and maintenance industries. Rajesh is the founder and President of the Dependable Group of Companies (the “Dependable Group”).

Raj’s success story began when he immigrated to Canada in 2001 and secured his first job with a local HVAC company. However, his strong entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own mechanical contracting company just a year later, in 2002, which he named Dependable Mechanical Systems Inc. (“DMS”). However, with a laser-focused vision of expanding the operations and providing a unique experience for its clients across different construction disciplines, DMS has experienced significant growth and has become a multi-trade contractor today. DMS now operates as the Dependable Group and is comprised of many divisions. The words “Diverse,” “Dedicated,” and “Dependable” are words the Dependable Group lives by, and these principles are what differentiates the Dependable Group from its’ competition. Rajesh believes in continuously remodelling his business operations to stay ahead of his competition.

With technology changing the face of the construction industry by the day, companies need to evolve, efficiently manage, and expand their resource infrastructure constantly. “This strategy is only possible when you harness change as a driving force for the company’s evolution. At the Dependable Group, I believe that there is always a better and more efficient way of doing what appears to have already been perfected. The goal of achieving excellence is notional as the bar for excellence is constantly being raised,” says Raj.

Over the last 18 years, the Dependable Group has grown in terms of increasing the volume of work it undertakes and maintaining a more diversified portfolio of service offerings, thus building greater resilience to changes in market conditions. The Dependable Group has developed a depth of expertise and operates in most construction sectors, including Institutional, Commercial, Industrial and Low and Hi-rise Residential sectors. Despite negative turns in the market that have devasted many companies, such as the economic downturn of 2008 and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dependable Group continues to grow at a steady pace.

At the Dependable Group, team members collaborate with the other construction project stakeholders to build an environment of proactive problem solving and risk mitigation. According to Raj, construction projects can become very complex if not broken down into manageable tasks, “Our project management and construction crews use Building information modelling (BIM) and other technology solutions to review the design and constructability issues.” He adds, “Our frontline crews are supported by a team of experienced project management staff, and collectively they track the project execution. At the Dependable Group, we believe that safety and productivity are two critical determinants of sustainability.”

The Dependable Group strives to offer the best price for the best quality through diligent cost management. The Dependable Group’s fabrication shops are fully equipped to manufacture custom sheet metal ductwork, heating and plumbing assemblies, parts, and fittings. This methodology of vertical integration allows the Dependable Group to customize products to the specific needs of each project easily and minimize upfront buying and transferring costs considerably compared to the competition. The Dependable Group’s methodology minimizes delays by delivering what the client needs when they need it and helps reduce issues at all levels of the project. This also enables the Dependable Group to control its product inventories.

Rajesh has built the Dependable Group as a transparent, technologically innovative, growth-oriented organization with a horizontal structure where every team member can contribute effectively. This structure has fostered a corporate culture where all employees share these values and are deeply committed to the continued development of the Dependable Group as a leader in the construction and maintenance industries.

The Dependable Group’s winning plan to maintain its’ competitive edge includes an emphasis on the following:

  • Futureproof the business growth by keeping operations in line with changes in the political and economic environment both within Canada and the world at large.
  • Innovatively customize the upcoming technology to improve business operations. The Dependable Group has indigenously built its cloud computing software to manage and control all of its business operations.
  • Continuously reinvent business processes by capitalizing on strengths and minimizing weaknesses.
  • Expand the business markets as this will ensure flexibility in more challenging economic times.
  • Carry out a quarterly SWOT analysis of its operations and those of the competition to better place themselves vis-à-vis the competition.
  • Nurture existing relationships and build on new ones by offering the highest levels of quality with the best value pricing proposition.
  • Diversify the portfolio of services offered to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Always strive to give back to the community in line with their social commitments.

The Dependable Group has been involved in some of the most high-profile and complex infrastructure projects in the Province of Ontario. The Dependable Group is the mechanical and electrical contractor at the Kennedy Station Eglinton Crosstown LRT construction project, the largest P3 (Public-Private-Partnership) project in Canada. The Dependable Group started this project as a design-assist contractor. However, due to its’ valuable contribution and past expertise in completing several transit projects, The Dependable Group was subsequently retained to complete the mechanical and electrical scope on this prestigious project. Concord Pacific has also retained the Dependable Group for many high-rise projects in Toronto, including the Block 22 Concord Canada House project in downtown Toronto. Block 22 comprises two skyscrapers containing 68 and 79 floors, rising from a 10-story podium that consists of retail, office, and residential dwelling units.

Due to the flexible and highly adaptable business model, Raj has grown the business seamlessly across a wide array of construction sectors. With a diverse portfolio of projects across different sectors and a team of professionals with wide-ranging experience, the Dependable Group has handled the economic downturns in recent times very effectively

Exciting things are on the horizon for the Dependable Group as it is poised to expand significantly into areas of western Canada and south of the border. The Dependable Group is collaborating with international partners and establishing meaningful relationships, which will allow it to establish a North America-wide footprint very shortly. Keep an eye on the Dependable Group as it continues its’ exciting journey of growth and diversification.



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