Applebee's CMO Talks NFL Sponsorship, TikTok, and Wing Wars

Applebee's CMO Talks NFL Sponsorship, TikTok, and Wing Wars

April 17, 2024 : Applebee’s, the renowned casual dining restaurant chain, recently announced a strategic marketing partnership with the National Football League (NFL). In an interview, Applebee’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Joel Yashruti, elaborated on this new alliance, the company’s utilization of TikTok for marketing purposes, and the ongoing “chicken wing wars” within the restaurant industry.

The NFL sponsorship signifies a significant investment by Applebee to bolster brand awareness and customer engagement. By aligning itself with America’s most popular professional sports league, Applebee aims to leverage the NFL’s massive fan base and capitalize on the heightened viewership during the football season. This strategic move positions Applebee as a go-to destination for fans seeking to gather and enjoy a casual dining experience while watching their favorite teams compete.

Yashruti emphasized the importance of tailoring marketing strategies to resonate with younger demographics. He acknowledged the growing influence of TikTok, a short-form video-sharing platform, and highlighted Applebee’s commitment to utilizing this platform to connect with a younger generation of customers. The company’s TikTok strategy involves creating engaging and humorous content that resonates with the platform’s user base. This approach aims to not only promote Applebee’s menu offerings but also cultivate a more youthful and vibrant brand image.

The interview also addressed the highly competitive “chicken wing wars” currently unfolding within the restaurant industry. Applebee, recognized for its signature boneless wings, has implemented various strategies to maintain its position in this lucrative market segment. Yashruti underscored the company’s focus on offering customers a diverse selection of wing flavors alongside ongoing efforts to ensure exceptional quality and value.

By implementing a multifaceted marketing approach encompassing a major sports league sponsorship, strategic use of social media platforms like TikTok, and a commitment to excellence within the competitive wing market, Applebee appears determined to solidify its position as a leader in the casual dining sector. Industry analysts and customers alike will closely monitor the success of these initiatives.


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