Better Collective Boosts Swedish Presence with Exciting Acquisitions

Better Collective Boosts Swedish Presence with Exciting Acquisitions

August 15, 2023: Better Collective, a digital sports media group, is developing its game in Sweden with intelligent moves. Imagine they’re playing a game of collecting valuable assets. Like you collect points in a fun, they’ve collected four important sports media brands. These brands are like giant puzzle pieces that they’ve added to their collection to make it even more impressive.

What’s the Big News?

Better Collective has acquired four significant sports media brands:,,, and These brands are like superheroes in the world of sports news. They’re super popular among Swedish sports fans, attracting around 9 million monthly visitors.

Why Does This Matter?

Think of Better Collective as a team that wants to be the best in the sports media game. They’re getting more robust by teaming up with these brands. It’s like a sports team recruiting star players to win the championship.

What’s the Plan?

Jesper Søgaard, the CEO of Better Collective, says they’re on a mission. They want to be the top team in digital sports media. They’re not just satisfied with the current level; they want to go higher. By joining forces with these top sports brands, they’re getting closer to their goal.

Meet the Stars: The Brands This is the most extensive online clubhouse for Swedish sports fans. They talk about everything from football to ice hockey. It’s like a hub where fans gather to share their thoughts and excitement. This one is all about ice hockey news. It’s the go-to place for anyone who loves hockey. It covers everything from international leagues to local matches. If you’re into football, this is your place. They’re like the experts who keep you updated on all things football – Swedish and international. This is where you can catch up on floorball news. If you’re a fan of this sport, it’s your ultimate source of information.

Why Does It All Make Sense?

Better Collective isn’t just collecting these brands for fun. They have a strategy. They want to grow, get more visitors, and strengthen these brands. It’s like turning a regular team into a championship-winning team.

Practical Takeaways

  • Watch out for even better sports news and updates from these brands.
  • If you’re a sports fan, you’ll have more exciting content to enjoy.
  • Better Collective is becoming a big player in the sports media game, so keep an eye on their future moves.
  • Imagine Better Collective as a sports team, scoring goals and winning matches by bringing these top sports brands onto their side. It’s like they’re making their dream team and aiming for the championship of the digital sports world.


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