Billionaire Leon Black Settles Epstein-Related Claims with $62.5 Million Payment.

Billionaire Leon Black Settles Epstein-Related Claims with $62.5 Million Payment.

July 25, 2023: Billionaire investor Leon Black has agreed to pay $62.5 million to the U.S. Virgin Islands, allowing him to avoid potential legal claims connected to the investigation of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. The settlement comes after scrutiny over Black’s association with Epstein.

Key Points:

Settlement Details: Leon Black, former co-founder of Apollo Global Management, reached a $62.5 million settlement with the U.S. Virgin Islands. This agreement exempts him from any potential claims arising from the territory’s investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

Previous Controversy: Black-faced embarrassment and criticism due to his business and social ties with Epstein. He had paid Epstein $158 million for tax and estate planning services. As a result of the investigation, Black stepped down as chairman and CEO of Apollo Global Management in 2021.

Settlement Contents: The settlement explicitly states that it does not constitute an admission of liability on Black’s part.

Private Mediation: The settlement was reached through private mediation between Black and the Virgin Islands territory representatives.

Acknowledgment and Regret: A spokesperson for Black stated that he regrets his past dealings with Epstein but emphasized that there was no indication of misconduct in the settlement.

Fallout Continues: This settlement comes after the Virgin Islands reached a $105 million deal with Epstein’s estate in November. The territory also filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase over its relationship with Epstein.

Legal History: Black has faced other legal battles, including a dismissed lawsuit where he was accused of defaming a woman by falsely claiming she tried to extort him after accusing him of rape. Another lawsuit accusing him of rape is still ongoing.

Practical Takeaways:

The settlement allows Leon Black to resolve any potential legal issues related to Epstein and move forward.

Black’s actions are scrutinized, and he acknowledges regret for his dealings with Epstein.

The settlement signifies the Virgin Islands’ commitment to supporting human trafficking victims and enforcing laws against trafficking.


Leon Black’s $62.5 million settlement with the U.S. Virgin Islands attempts to distance himself from potential legal claims related to Jeffrey Epstein. As the fallout continues, Black’s actions and past relationships remain in the spotlight, highlighting the importance of accountability and responsibility in business dealings.


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