BlackRock Recruiter's Controversial Remarks Raise Concerns Over Influence and Profits.

BlackRock Recruiter's Controversial Remarks Raise Concerns Over Influence and Profits.

June 21, 2023:- A video featuring remarks from a recruiter at BlackRock has recently sparked controversy and generated discussions about the company’s practices. Independent journalist James O’Keefe shared the video on Twitter, drawing attention to BlackRock’s actions and prompting further scrutiny.

The video captures a conversation between Serge Varlay, a recruiter at BlackRock, and an undercover journalist from OMG. Varlay’s comments suggest that he believes BlackRock wields significant power and influence in global affairs due to its substantial financial resources. He also expresses his views on the potential ability to sway or manipulate politicians for personal gain. In the video, he states:

“You can take this large amount of money and influence people. I work for a company called BlackRock… It’s not about who the president is; it’s about who controls the president’s wallet. You can buy candidates. Senators are especially susceptible. With just 10 grand, you can buy a senator. Give me 500k right now, and it won’t matter who wins; they’ll be under my control.”

Is BlackRock Benefiting from the Russia-Ukraine Conflict? The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused immense suffering and fear among the populations of both nations, with widespread hope for a resolution. However, the BlackRock recruiter made a surprising statement, suggesting that the company sees the war as an opportunity for profit, saying, “Ukraine is good for business.”

“When Russia destroys Ukraine’s grain silos, the price of wheat skyrockets. Ukraine’s economy is heavily reliant on the wheat market. As the price of bread rises, it’s fantastic for trading. Volatility creates profit opportunities. War is incredibly lucrative.”

But how can trading firms capitalize on the war? The BlackRock recruiter explains that they can swiftly execute trades based on news of the conflict, particularly in the wheat market. By strategically investing in wheat suppliers and monitoring price fluctuations, these firms can take advantage of the price increase that follows such events. This allows them to sell their holdings at a profit, potentially resulting in substantial financial gains.

He further explains:
“You can make millions. The Ukrainian economy is closely tied to the global wheat market. Prices of bread and everything else fluctuate. If you’re in the trading business, this is fantastic.”

Serge Varlay: Self-Proclaimed Arbiter of Fate Varlay doesn’t stop at his previous comments. The BlackRock recruiter describes himself as someone who “decides people’s fates,” implying a sense of power and control over others. He states,


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