Impending Severe Weather Threatens NYC, Philly, and DC This Week.

Impending Severe Weather Threatens NYC, Philly, and DC This Week.

June 27, 2023: Severe weather risks significant cities along the East Coast this week. Meteorologists from AccuWeather warn that the Northeast region, including NYC, Philly, and DC, may experience multiple days of severe weather. The expected weather pattern shift, caused by the southward dip of the jet stream across the Great Lakes and the Northeast, will bring a significant change from the weather experienced during most of June.

Over the weekend, severe thunderstorms caused damage across Iowa, Illinois, the Great Lakes, and the Ohio Valley. These storms brought damaging hail, gusty winds, and even a deadly tornado to some areas. More excellent conditions prevailed on Monday in the Midwest and the interior Northeast. However, the temperatures in Buffalo, New York, and Columbus, Ohio, are forecasted to be lower, in the 70s Fahrenheit, compared to the previous week’s 80s.

Tuesday could bring feisty thunderstorms again as the week progresses, threatening cities like Philadelphia. Locations along the Eastern Seaboard are at the highest risk for severe weather on Tuesday and Tuesday evenings due to increased moisture from the Atlantic. Damaging winds and heavy downpours are expected during this time.

Even after the severe weather exits the region, wet conditions are predicted to persist in the Northeast until the end of June. The same storm responsible for the extreme weather is expected to move through the Northeast, potentially bringing slightly drier conditions by Thursday or Friday.

While not every day will be a washout, the moist conditions will favor heavier downpours, which could lead to ponding on roadways and reduced visibility, causing travel disruptions. Flash flooding may become a concern if the same areas experience heavy rainfall for multiple days. Given the recent dry weather, the Northeast can only handle 1-2 inches of rain in a short period.

Furthermore, the humidity levels will remain high, reaching the 70-degree mark for some Northeast residents, causing discomfort. Relief from the humidity may only arrive in the latter half of the week when drier air moves in from Canada.

It’s important to note that the severe weather and wet conditions come after a prolonged dry spell across the Northeast. As of June 20, over 70% of the region was experiencing at least abnormally dry conditions, with 34% in moderate drought. The lack of rain during the first half of June contributed to the deficit.

The wet weather is also likely to extend into southern Canada, potentially assisting with the containment of wildfires in Quebec.

Additionally, the severe weather has caused significant disruptions to air travel along the East Coast. By Monday afternoon, over 1,500 flights into or out of the United States had been canceled, with LaGuardia Airport in New York City experiencing the highest cancellations. Thunderstorms, lightning, large hail, and wind gusts threaten planes, leading to delays and cancellations.

In summary, severe weather is expected to impact significant cities along the East Coast, including NYC, Philly, and DC. The Northeast region will see a shift in weather patterns, bringing the risk of damaging winds, heavy downpours, and potential flash flooding. Travel disruptions, including flight cancellations and delays, are also anticipated. Residents and travelers must stay informed about the changing weather conditions and take necessary precautions.


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