Leveraging AI to Boost Marketing: Practical Insights

Leveraging AI to Boost Marketing: Practical Insights

July 17, 2023: As charities face increasing demand, rising costs, and fundraising challenges, they are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tackle resource constraints. Charity Digital’s recent webinar with Salesforce sheds light on AI’s potential in charity marketing, revealing that 30% of charities are experimenting with AI, and 50% are exploring its possibilities. However, many are currently looking at AI as a tool for generating copy for emails and campaigns.

AI has far more to offer than copy generation alone. Charities are already leveraging AI, utilizing machine learning and CRM data to enhance donor experiences, understand supporter behavior, and streamline donor journeys. While AI may appear daunting, charities must embrace its potential now to prepare for the future.

During the webinar, Patrick Frank, Marketing Cloud Director for Nonprofits at Salesforce, emphasized that AI has transitioned from a complementary tool to a transformative force. This shift is comparable to how online shopping and social media revolutionized daily life. Understanding this transformative capacity is essential for charities to remain competitive.

By adopting AI early, charities can optimize its usage and maximize its benefits. Andrea Goezinne, Senior Product Marketing Manager EMEA at Salesforce, stressed the importance of being proactive and preparing for AI now.

One significant aspect discussed in the webinar is the distinction between predictive AI and generative AI. Predictive AI analyzes historical data to identify patterns and predict future outcomes, helping target specific audiences more effectively. On the other hand, generative AI assists in creating campaigns quickly, freeing charity workers to focus on strategy. The good news is that many emerging AI tools in 2023 are relatively intuitive, making it easier for charities to adopt them without extensive training.

The magic happens when AI, data, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) converge. Combining data from multiple sources, including demographic data, AI can develop insights and personalize marketing for supporters’ needs. This integration can significantly improve campaign effectiveness, reduce workload strains, and enhance the delivery of essential services.

Overall, the webinar highlights that AI offers a generational opportunity for charities. As technology evolves, nonprofits must grasp its potential and adapt early to stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape. Embracing AI now will empower charities to deliver their missions more effectively and efficiently. The transformative impact of AI on charity marketing is profound, and those who embrace it today will be better equipped to succeed tomorrow.

The full webinar recording is available for viewing. AI is no longer just a buzzword but a practical tool that can empower charities to make a real difference in their communities. Let’s embrace this transformative technology and unlock its potential for the greater good.


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