LockBit Claims Hack of US Federal Reserve

LockBit Claims Hack of US Federal Reserve

June 25, 2024 : The notorious ransomware group LockBit has publicly claimed to have breached the cybersecurity defenses of the United States Federal Reserve. This claim, posted on a dark web forum associated with the group on June 23, 2024, has yet to be confirmed by the Federal Reserve or any official US government agency.

According to the post, LockBit infiltrated the Federal Reserve’s systems and exfiltrated 33 terabytes of data. The nature of this data remains unspecified, but the potential for a breach of this magnitude is highly concerning. The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States and plays a critical role in maintaining the nation’s financial stability. A successful cyberattack could compromise sensitive information on banking institutions, economic policies, and national security.

The post further claims that LockBit is currently holding this data hostage and demanding a ransom payment in exchange for its return and the prevention of its public release. The specific amount of the ransom has not been disclosed.

It is important to note that LockBit is known for making bold and unsubstantiated claims in the past. Cybersecurity experts are currently investigating the validity of this latest assertion. The Federal Reserve has so far refrained from publicly commenting on the matter.

However, the potential consequences of a successful cyberattack on the Federal Reserve are severe. If true, this breach could represent a significant national security threat and potentially disrupt financial markets. In the coming days, further developments will likely be seen as US authorities continue their investigation and the Federal Reserve determines the best course of action in response to this unconfirmed claim.


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