National Fuel Gas Supply Charges to Decrease 58 Percent

National Fuel Gas Supply Charges to Decrease 58 Percent

August 02, 2023: Good news for National Fuel customers in Pennsylvania! Starting from August 1, 2023, the gas supply charges from National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation are set to decrease by 58 percent. This charge reduction results from lower market prices for natural gas, following last year’s volatile commodity market and near-record highs.

The decrease in supply charges will benefit customers and positively impact the overall monthly bill for a typical residential customer. For a customer using around 99,000 cubic feet of gas annually, the monthly bill will decrease by approximately $25.85, resulting in a new total of $64.05, down from $89.90.

It’s important to note that National Fuel, as a regulated utility, cannot set or mark up the price of natural gas. The gas supply costs are passed along to customers without any profit to the company. Moreover, Pennsylvania utility companies are allowed to update gas supply charges quarterly, reflecting changes in the market price of natural gas. The next opportunity to adjust gas supply charges will be November 1, 2023.

In addition to the decrease in supply charges, National Fuel’s price-to-compare gas commodity charge will also decrease to $0.30959 per 100 cubic feet (ccf). This reference point is essential for customers exploring alternate gas suppliers.

It’s worth mentioning that National Fuel is lowering supply charges and investing in system improvements, including pipeline safety and modernization. The joint settlement approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission includes enhancements to National Fuel’s customer assistance and universal service programs. These include increased funding to the Low-Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) and the Neighbor for Neighbor (NFN) hardship program.

To help customers manage their bills, National Fuel also offers various payment assistance programs, such as the Budget Plan, Deferred Payment Arrangement, and Low-Income Residential Assistance Program (LIRA). Additionally, the company provides assistance referrals for customers facing hardships through the Customer Assistance Referral Evaluation Services (CARES) and the Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund.

Overall, the decrease in gas supply charges and the various assistance programs aim to ease the burden on customers and make natural gas bills more predictable and manageable. So, if you are a National Fuel customer in Pennsylvania, you can expect some relief in your gas bills, allowing you to manage your household expenses better.


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