Pfizer Plant in North Carolina Hit by Tornado

Pfizer Plant in North Carolina Hit by Tornado

July 20, 2023: Pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. (PFE.N) disclosed on Wednesday that its large-scale sterile injectable product facility in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, sustained significant damage due to a tornado. This facility is one of the largest of its kind globally, spanning over 1.4 million square feet on 250 acres in Eastern North Carolina.

The company spokesperson confirmed that they are currently evaluating the extent of the damage and its potential impact on production. Fortunately, all employees at the site were able to evacuate safely.

The Rocky Mount facility is crucial in supplying medical products, as it produces nearly 30% of all sterile injectables used in U.S. hospitals. These injectables include anesthesia, analgesia, therapeutics, anti-infectives, and neuromuscular blockers. The facility also manufactures various products such as vials, syringes, IV bags, and semi-rigid bottles.

The site is a significant regional employer, with over 4,500 professionals working there.

The tornado’s damage has raised concerns about potential disruptions to the supply of essential medical products. The facility’s output helps treat millions of patients worldwide, making its recovery a critical priority.

Pfizer’s management is expected to take swift action to assess the damage thoroughly and implement contingency plans to ensure minimal disruption to the supply chain. As the situation unfolds, the medical community and the public will closely monitor the impact on Pfizer’s production and overall pharmaceutical supply chain.

It’s important to note that natural disasters can have far-reaching effects on critical industries, and the pharmaceutical sector is no exception. The focus now is on Pfizer’s response to this unfortunate event and its ability to recover swiftly to continue delivering essential medical products to healthcare facilities nationwide and beyond.


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