Refurbished Tech Poised to Dominate British Homes says eBay

Refurbished Tech Poised to Dominate British Homes says eBay

June 28, 2023: Refurbished tech will become increasingly popular in British households as the cost of living crisis persists and people look for ways to save money. eBay, a well-known online marketplace, urges shoppers to buy refurbished tech items instead of new ones. This call comes as eBay seeks to address the issue of electronic waste, with millions of tons of discarded electronic items ending up in landfills each year.

eBay has previously highlighted pre-loved fashion’s value and environmental benefits through its partnership with Love Island. Now, it is encouraging UK shoppers to extend the life cycle of tech products by considering refurbished items. According to a survey by eBay, 25% of consumers, equivalent to 16.8 million people, are planning to upgrade their home tech this year. eBay wants them to explore refurbished options.

The research conducted by eBay UK reveals that despite the desire to save money, many consumers still prefer to invest in trusted tech brands like Apple, Samsung, and Dyson. However, refurbished products from these brands, such as AirPods, 4K TVs, and Airwraps, are available at discounts of up to 50% off the recommended retail price. Despite this, some shoppers hesitate to purchase refurbished items due to concerns about potential defects or malfunctions.

To address these concerns and reassure customers, eBay aims to highlight the quality of refurbished items on its platform. The online marketplace ensures that all refurbished products undergo extensive testing and restoration processes, guaranteeing their functionality and condition. Additionally, eBay emphasizes that refurbished items come with a one-year seller guarantee, a money-back guarantee, and free delivery across the UK.

Mark Monte-Colombo, head of refurbished technology at eBay UK, emphasizes the benefits of choosing refurbished items, stating that they provide an affordable solution for obtaining beloved tech products while reducing waste. Refurbished items on eBay are available in various conditions, from “Certified,” which indicates pristine, like-new condition, to “Good,” which may show some moderate wear but is still refurbished by quality-vetted sellers.

The refurbished category on eBay continues to expand beyond tech items like smartphones and laptops to include a wide range of products, from mattresses to kitchen appliances. By opting for refurbished items, shoppers can save thousands of tonnes of greenhouse emissions and reduce waste in landfills. In 2022 alone, eBay estimates that shoppers who chose refurbished items saved 13,000 tonnes of greenhouse emissions and over 400,000 kg of trash.

Anne Wingfield, managing director of GB&I at Dyson, acknowledges the benefits of refurbished products and expresses confidence in the quality of refurbished Dyson products available through eBay. By purchasing refurbished items, consumers can enjoy genuine Dyson engineering while diverting high-quality tech from ending up in landfills.

In summary, eBay urges UK shoppers to consider buying refurbished tech items as an alternative to new purchases. By doing so, individuals can save money, reduce electronic waste, and enjoy the benefits of popular tech brands at lower prices. eBay guarantees the quality and functionality of refurbished items on its platform, with a range of conditions and free delivery options across the UK. Refurbished tech is an affordable option and a sustainable choice that helps minimize environmental impact and supports the circular economy.


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