Rosenblatt Raises Broadcom Price Target After Strong Quarter

Rosenblatt Raises Broadcom Price Target After Strong Quarter

June 14, 2024 : Investment research firm Rosenblatt Securities has revised its price target for Broadcom Limited (NASDAQ: AVGO) stock upward, citing its positive financial performance during the most recent quarter. This adjustment comes after Broadcom exceeded market expectations in its earnings report, solidifying its position as a leader in the semiconductor industry.

Rosenblatt analyst Hans Mosesmann spearheaded the revision, increasing the target price from $1,500 to $1,650 per share. Notably, this upward revision follows an earlier adjustment in March 2024, where Mr. Mosesmann raised the target from $1,160 to $1,500. Despite these upward revisions, Mr. Mosesmann maintained a “Buy” rating on Broadcom stock, reflecting his continued confidence in the company’s long-term prospects.

The upward revision in target price is primarily attributed to Broadcom’s robust performance in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. AI semiconductors currently represent a significant portion of Broadcom’s sales, and the company is expected to maintain its leadership position in this burgeoning market segment. Furthermore, analysts anticipate Broadcom will provide an improved financial outlook for fiscal year 2024 based on its strong quarterly results.

While AI is a key driver of Broadcom’s success, other sectors within the company are also exhibiting positive signs. Rosenblatt’s analysis suggests that non-AI enterprise segments, such as wireless, telecommunications, and broadband, are either nearing stabilization or experiencing a gradual upturn. This diversification across various market segments strengthens Broadcom’s overall financial health and mitigates potential risks associated with overdependence on a single sector.

Rosenblatt’s upward revision is just one example of the bullish sentiment surrounding Broadcom stock. Following the company’s earnings report, several other investment firms also raised their price targets, highlighting the broad optimism regarding Broadcom’s future. This collective optimism suggests Broadcom is well-positioned to capitalize on current market trends and deliver continued value to its shareholders.


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