Schultz Urges Starbucks to Rectify U.S. Operations

Schultz Urges Starbucks to Rectify U.S. Operations

May 6, 2024 : In a recent LinkedIn post, former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz publicly called for the coffee giant to address shortcomings within its U.S. business operations. This intervention comes after Starbucks reported its largest sales miss in years, prompting concerns about its future trajectory.

Schultz, who served as Starbucks CEO three times, emphasized the need for “contrition and renewed focus and discipline on the core.” He attributed the recent sales decline primarily to issues within the U.S. market, urging the company to prioritize customer experience and operational improvements.

Schultz’s critique focused on several key areas. He advocated for a renewed emphasis on in-store customer experience, suggesting a shift away from excessive reliance on data-driven strategies in favor of a more personal approach. Additionally, he highlighted the need for improvements in mobile ordering and payment systems to enhance customer convenience.

Furthermore, Schultz stressed the importance of maintaining Starbucks’ premium positioning within the coffee market. He encouraged the company to prioritize coffee-focused beverages in its new product development strategies to distinguish itself from competitors.

While acknowledging the challenges, Schultz expressed confidence in Starbucks’ ability to recover. He cautioned against hasty solutions, emphasizing the need for a measured and strategic approach to revitalize the U.S. business.

Schultz’s intervention serves as a stark reminder of Starbucks’s competitive pressures within the U.S. market. His call for a renewed focus on customer experience and operational excellence underscores the importance of these core principles in ensuring long-term success. The company’s response to Schultz’s critique will be closely monitored, with potential implications for future strategies and performance.


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