Tesla's CFO, Zachary Kirkhorn, Resigns; Vaibhav Taneja Appointed as Successor

Tesla's CFO, Zachary Kirkhorn, Resigns; Vaibhav Taneja Appointed as Successor

August 07, 2023: Tesla’s Chief Financial Officer, Zachary Kirkhorn, has announced his decision to leave the company after a successful 13-year tenure. His resignation was submitted last week and was officially disclosed through a regulatory filing. Kirkhorn will remain with Tesla until the end of the year to support the transition to his successor.

Vaibhav Taneja, currently serving as Tesla’s Chief Accounting Officer, has been appointed the new CFO. Taneja, of Indian origin, joined Tesla after the company acquired SolarCity in 2016. He will take on the role of CFO in addition to his existing responsibilities as Chief Accounting Officer.

Kirkhorn’s departure came when he was previously considered a possible successor to CEO Elon Musk, although Musk is not expected to step down shortly. Tesla’s value has grown significantly throughout his tenure as CFO, from $50 billion to an impressive $773 billion today.

In a statement on LinkedIn, Kirkhorn expressed his pride in the accomplishments achieved during his time at Tesla and thanked the hardworking employees and Elon Musk for their leadership and inspiration. The reason for his decision to step down was not disclosed.

Tesla’s financial success during Kirkhorn’s tenure includes posting its first quarterly profit after the launch of the mass-market Model 3 compact sedan and achieving a market valuation of over $1 trillion.

For Tesla and the Incoming CFO:

  • Ensure a smooth transition in leadership and maintain Tesla’s financial stability.
  • Continue to focus on innovation and technological advancements in the electric vehicle industry.
  • Uphold effective communication and collaboration with Elon Musk and the executive team.

For Investors and Observers:

  • Monitor the transition process and leadership stability at Tesla.
  • Keep an eye on the company’s financial performance and strategic decisions under the new CFO’s guidance.

Zachary Kirkhorn’s departure marks the end of a successful era as Tesla’s CFO, with Vaibhav Taneja stepping in to take on the crucial financial leadership role. Tesla’s ongoing growth and market presence will be closely watched under Taneja’s tenure, while Kirkhorn’s legacy will be remembered for his significant contributions to the company’s impressive valuation surge.


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