Twitter Rebrands as 'X': Elon Musk Unveils Bold Logo Change

Twitter Rebrands as 'X': Elon Musk Unveils Bold Logo Change

July 24, 2023: The popular social media platform Twitter has significantly rebranded, changing its logo from the iconic blue bird to a bold white ‘X.’ The move, spearheaded by owner Elon Musk, marks a significant shift in the platform’s identity since he took over.

The transformation was unveiled through a short video posted by Musk on Sunday, showcasing the flickering ‘X.’ Musk confirmed in a Twitter Spaces audio chat that the logo would change after the video. He humorously remarked, “We’re cutting the Twitter logo off the building with blow torches.”

Musk further confirmed the rebrand on Monday by tweeting an image of the new ‘X’ branding projected onto Twitter’s headquarters. According to Musk, the ‘X’ logo aims to embody the unique imperfections that make each distinct.

By Sunday afternoon, the domain was already redirecting to the rebranded Twitter, aligning with Musk’s vision for the platform. He has been vocal about transforming Twitter into a “super app,” similar to China’s WeChat, encompassing various services like audio, video, messaging, and payments.

The rebrand comes as part of Musk’s efforts to push Twitter in new directions, and the CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino, expressed enthusiasm about the change. She believes that ‘X’ will foster unlimited interactivity, connecting users globally in ways that have yet to be fully imagined, all powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Musk’s ambitious vision for Twitter is not entirely new, as he has previously spoken about creating an “everything app” akin to successful super-apps in Asia, such as WeChat, PayTM, and GoJek.

The transition from the bird logo to ‘X’ marks the end of an era for Twitter. The bluebird had become synonymous with the platform and held significant value for the company. However, the rebranding signals a fresh start and the company’s determination to evolve.

As Twitter ventures into this new phase, it faces competition from Meta’s recently launched app, Threads. The social media giant is ready to embrace innovation and explore new opportunities, setting the stage for an exciting chapter in its history.

Practical Takeaways:

  1. Twitter undergoes a significant rebrand, changing its logo from the bluebird to a bold ‘X.’
  2. The ‘X’ logo represents the company’s new direction, embodying individual uniqueness.
  3. Elon Musk envisions Twitter as a “super app,” incorporating diverse services like audio, video, and payments.
  4. Linda Yaccarino, Twitter’s CEO, is enthusiastic about the rebrand and the platform’s global connectivity powered by AI.
  5. The transition reflects Twitter’s ambition to evolve and explore new possibilities.
  6. The competition with Meta’s Threads app adds to the excitement of Twitter’s transformation.


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