United Airlines Says It Fixed Technology Problem That Briefly Grounded Flights

United Airlines Says It Fixed Technology Problem That Briefly Grounded Flights

September 06, 2023: United Airlines said on Tuesday that it had fixed a technology problem that briefly grounded all of its departing flights. The issue affected the airline’s check-in and boarding systems and caused delays for some passengers.

The airline said that the problem was caused by a “network issue” and was working to prevent it from happening again. United apologized to customers for the inconvenience.

The problem began on Tuesday morning and affected flights at all United’s hubs, including Chicago, Newark, and Los Angeles. The airline said it could fix the problem within a few hours, but some flights were delayed.

United is the second major airline to experience a technology problem in recent weeks. American Airlines experienced a systemwide outage in July that affected its check-in and boarding systems. The outage caused delays and cancellations for thousands of passengers.

Technology problems can be a significant headache for airlines, as they can disrupt operations and inconvenience passengers. Airlines are working to improve their IT systems to make them more resilient to problems.

Actionable Takeaways:

  • Passengers who are flying United Airlines should check the status of their flight before heading to the airport.
  • Passengers should also be prepared for delays or cancellations due to weather or other factors.

Practical Takeaways for Businesses:

  • Businesses that rely on technology should have a plan to deal with disruptions.
  • Businesses should also have a backup plan in case of a system outage.

The technology problem at United Airlines is a reminder of the importance of having reliable IT systems. Airlines and other businesses need to ensure that their systems are up to date and have a plan in place to deal with problems.


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