Top 20 Business Leaders of the Year 2024

Increasing productivity? Going big on the future? Technology is at the core of your business model reinvention. But for all of the leaps forward in computing, many companies struggle to realize ROI from technology. The ones who succeed at unlocking digital value know that it’s how they employ technology that makes the difference. They are outcome obsessed and view breakthroughs, such as generative AI, as a tool that can deliver specific financial targets. Tech risks are ever-present, of course. That’s leaders need to incorporate trust by design – building in risk management, audit & controls and security from the beginning.

Your legacy rests on your ability to lead the reinvention of your organization to capitalize on change and deliver returns to stakeholders. To be effective change agents, Business Leaders rely on an important, intangible asset: trust.

Cover Story

Bringing in Changes | Ted Decker | Home Depot

On the evening of February 10, The Guiding Organization Leadership Development (GOLD) hosted the newly announced Ted Decker, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Home Depot, at the Bill Moore Student Success Center in an occasion to acquaint students with how to lead during tough times. The GOLD program events and workshops center around professional and leadership development for students and to educate them on upcoming trends...

We need to stop managing organizations and start managing human nature| Ariel Halevi| Vayomar

When Vayomar was first born in early 2003, it was a two-person team of undergraduate debate champions (Gur Lavi and Ariel Halevi) that offered public speaking training services. At that time, the market pain point they addressed was the debilitating gap between people’s knowledge and experience and their ability to share it when facing an audience...

Leading with Positivity & Objectivity | Brandi Martin | InstaFab

Brandi Martin, President & CEO, InstaFab, has always been fascinated by leadership and the idea of positively impacting the world. Even as a child, she found herself naturally drawn to organizing and leading groups of people toward a common goal. Whether it was planning a game with friends or working on a school project, Brandi was always eager to take on a leadership role and make a difference...

Supporting Businesses With Powerful Advocacy | David Duplisea | The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce

David Duplisea took the reins at the Saint John Board of Trade just about ten years ago. Previous boards of Directors had discussed the possibility of partnering with the region’s Chambers and business associations to create a single organization. David’s first task as the CEO was to rebrand the legacy institution as a regional Chamber and merge four organizations into one from financial, by-laws, membership, and brand perspectives...

A Strategic Leader| Kevin Closky| MPC Plating Inc

As the COO of Accutec Blades, in four years, Kevin helped them negotiate a 4-year union contract, double the plant footprint in Mexico from 150 people to almost 300 people, add 25% more hourly jobs and 20% more salary positions in the Virginia branch, while increasing annual blade production from 640MM blades to 1 billion blades. These are no tiny feet but rather significant accomplishments for a company drowning with no resolutions...

Accountable – Responsive – Committed | Dr. Louis B. Lynn | ENVIRO Ag Science

Dr. Louis B. Lynn, President and Founder of ENVIRO Ag Science, grew up in Darlington County South Carolina before graduating from Clemson University. He has been a member of the Clemson University Board of Trustees since 1988 and takes pride in having attended almost all the 96 Graduation Ceremonies that have occurred during his board tenure...

An Innovative Thinker| Marina Charriere| Star Drug Testing Services

Marina Charriere, CEO of Star Drug Testing Services, Star Drug Testing Services (Windsor Park), and First Defence Face Masks go hand in hand. Star is a drug and alcohol testing facility, and First D F M is a face mask company. One of Marina’s qualities that have transformed the organization is her openness to thinking out of the box. Her innovative ways of understanding the current need of her companies are always at the forefront of all her thinking...

Succeeding With Determination | Nikos Kontoyannis | Apella S.A.

In today’s time, leaders need to learn to adapt to changes because the world is constantly evolving, and businesses must keep up with the pace of change to remain competitive. Adaptable leaders can anticipate shifts in the market and adjust their strategies accordingly, which can help their organizations stay ahead of the curve...

The Pride of Ottawa | Martin Goertzen | Softwash Butler

In the last two decades soft washing has revolutionize the roof and exterior cleaning industry because it allows more carefully metered chemical cleaning solutions to be applied to building surfaces without the use of pressure, making it the most important change in the mobile exterior cleaning industry. Owing to the confidence and proven evidence that there will be no damage to the materials while offering impeccable results, more people select soft washing their roof, siding, deck, fence, and driveways, to name a few...

A True Visionary | Steven L. Blue | Miller Ingenuity

Visionary leaders are driven and inspired by what a company can become. They are not bogged down with technical details, but they are big-picture people who intend to usher in new eras of innovation and development. Steven L. Blue, President & CEO of Miller Ingenuity, is one such leader. Steve looks 5-10 years into the future to figure out what will happen in his industry and the company. “A perfect example is healthcare expenses...



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