Amplitude Ventures Closes $263M for Second Precision Medicine Fund

Amplitude Ventures Closes $263M for Second Precision Medicine Fund

May 30, 2024 : Montreal-based venture capital firm Amplitude Ventures announced the successful closing of its second fund dedicated to precision medicine investments. The fund, designated as Fund II, garnered $263 million (USD 192 million), exceeding the size of Amplitude’s inaugural fund. This signifies a significant vote of confidence from investors in the firm’s focus on fostering innovation at the intersection of biology and artificial intelligence (AI) in precision medicine.

Precision medicine tailors healthcare interventions to individual patients based on their unique genetic makeup and other biological characteristics. Amplitude Ventures leverages its expertise in this domain to identify and support promising early-stage companies developing transformative solutions. The firm’s strategic approach integrates financial capital and critical development capabilities. This is exemplified by adding new partners like Evotec, a leading scientific services company, to Fund II. Such partnerships aim to accelerate the translation of innovative ideas into commercially viable products with the potential to improve human health outcomes.

Amplitude has already made four strategic investments from Fund II, demonstrating its commitment to active portfolio management. While the specific details of these investments remain undisclosed, the fund’s total number of planned investments is estimated to range between 14 and 16. This targeted investment strategy allows Amplitude to provide in-depth support and guidance to the companies in its portfolio, maximizing their chances of success.

The closing of Fund II strengthens Amplitude’s position as a leading investor in the burgeoning field of precision medicine. The firm’s ability to attract significant capital underscores the growing investor interest in this transformative healthcare approach. With its focus on early-stage innovation and strategic partnerships, Amplitude Ventures is well-positioned to play a key role in propelling the development of the next generation of precision medicine solutions.


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