GM Board Approves New $6 Billion Share Buyback Plan

GM Board Approves New $6 Billion Share Buyback Plan

June 12, 2024 : In a move to return capital to shareholders, the board of directors at General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) authorized a new $6 billion stock repurchase program. This announcement follows a period of strong financial performance for the Detroit-based automaker.

The new program builds upon GM’s previous $10 billion share buyback authorization, announced in November 2023. The company expects to exhaust the remaining $1.1 billion from that program by the end of the second quarter 2024. The new authorization provides GM with the flexibility to continue repurchasing its shares after this existing program concludes.

This board decision reflects confidence in GM’s financial health and future prospects. The company has cited its recent investments in brands and product development, coupled with strong operational discipline, as key factors contributing to consistent revenue growth, healthy profit margins, and significant free cash flow generation.

The share repurchase program offers several potential benefits to GM shareholders. By repurchasing shares, the company reduces the total number of outstanding shares, which can lead to an increase in earnings per share (EPS). This metric, a key indicator of a company’s profitability, is often closely watched by investors. Additionally, share repurchases can bolster the stock price by demonstrating management’s confidence in the company’s future and by reducing the supply of shares available in the market.

In conjunction with the share repurchase program, GM also announced an increase in its quarterly dividend payout. The dividend will rise from 9 cents per share to 12 cents per share, representing a commitment to providing consistent shareholder returns.

The news of the share repurchase program and dividend increase was met with a positive response from the market. GM’s stock price rose by approximately 1.4% following the announcement.

The decision to prioritize shareholder returns through share repurchases and dividend increases is a common strategy employed by many publicly traded companies. However, it is important to note that this approach also faces some criticism. Some argue that such programs can divert resources away from investments in research and development or capital expenditures, which could ultimately hinder a company’s long-term growth prospects.

Overall, General Motors’ announcement of a new $6 billion share repurchase program signifies its commitment to rewarding its shareholders while navigating the ever-evolving automotive market landscape.


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