NetVue Launches Eco-Friendly Bamboo Version of Smart Bird Feeder.

NetVue Launches Eco-Friendly Bamboo Version of Smart Bird Feeder.

July 11, 2023: Yesterday, NetVue Birdfy introduced the latest addition to its impressive lineup: a bamboo version of their AI-enabled smart bird feeder. As someone who already owns and enjoys their products, I can vouch for the excitement their technology brings, with security cameras and bird feeders equipped with powerful AI tools that can detect various objects, from people and parcels to cars and even different bird species. It’s a joy to receive notifications and see video clips of charming birds, like the goofy wood pigeon captured by the built-in camera. I’ve included a picture of mine below (which is currently on sale for Prime Day!), but more on that in an upcoming feature!

While I appreciate the aesthetics of the plastic bird feeder I own, there are more sustainable and environmentally friendly choices. That’s where the new Bird Feeder Bamboo comes in, offering an eco-friendly alternative that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal.

According to NetVue, the Bird Feeder Bamboo sets itself apart by prioritizing sustainability. It’s made from FSC-certified natural bamboo, ensuring it is free from harmful substances and environmentally conscious. The bamboo material is durable, resistant to moisture, and designed to withstand outdoor environments without mold or deformation. Not only does it provide a pollution-free and non-toxic feeding solution, but its natural-looking design also seamlessly blends into any garden, attracting birds and adding an appealing aesthetic touch.

One standout feature of the new bamboo feeder is its dual chambers, allowing for various bird feed mixtures. I recently discovered the diverse food choices available to attract different bird species, and this addition is a welcome one.

The Bird Feeder Bamboo retains all the impressive features of the existing Birdfy Feeder. It offers 1080P color night vision and 8X magnification, providing users with detailed images and videos of visiting birds. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, the feeder can automatically identify common bird species, ensuring no moment goes unnoticed. With its bird detective camera, this sustainable smart bird feeder makes for a perfect gift for bird lovers.

NetVue has once again delivered a remarkable product with the Bird Feeder Bamboo. Its commitment to sustainability and providing an unparalleled birdwatching experience showcases its dedication to innovation. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or enjoy observing birds in your garden, this smart feeder is a must-have.


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