TPG to Acquire Forcepoint's Government Cybersecurity Business for $2.45 Billion

TPG to Acquire Forcepoint Government Cybersecurity Business for $2.45 Billion

July 10, 2023: TPG Inc., a global private equity firm, is set to expand its portfolio by acquiring a significant division of cybersecurity company Forcepoint. The Wall Street Journal reported that TPG will purchase Forcepoint’s government-focused cybersecurity unit, Forcepoint Global Governments and Critical Infrastructure (Forcepoint G2CI), for approximately $2.45 billion.

The acquisition represents TPG’s strategic move into the government cybersecurity sector. Forcepoint, headquartered in Austin, Texas, specializes in developing computer security software, data protection solutions, and firewalls. Its government cybersecurity business currently generates around $400 million in annual revenue.

Under the deal, Francisco Partners, the parent company that acquired Forcepoint from Raytheon Technologies in 2020, will retain a minority stake in the government cybersecurity unit. The commercial cybersecurity business of Forcepoint will remain a separate entity, independently owned and managed by Francisco Partners.

TPG and Francisco Partners have chosen not to comment on the acquisition, while Forcepoint has yet to respond to requests for comment. This transaction aligns with TPG’s goal of diversifying its investment portfolio and capitalizing on the increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions in the government sector.

Simultaneously, Forcepoint is strategically shifting its focus to prioritize the growth of its commercial business. The company has been exploring the sale of its government security unit for over $2 billion. By divesting this division, Forcepoint aims to concentrate its resources and efforts on expanding its presence and market share in the commercial cybersecurity space.

This decision reflects the recognition of Forcepoint’s vast potential and the opportunities within the commercial market. As businesses face an ever-increasing frequency and complexity of cyber threats, the demand for robust cybersecurity solutions continues to rise. By emphasizing its commercial business, Forcepoint aims to leverage its expertise and develop innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of its commercial clients.

In conclusion, TPG’s acquisition of Forcepoint’s government cybersecurity business highlights the evolving landscape of the cybersecurity industry. It demonstrates TPG’s strategic vision for expansion and positions Forcepoint to concentrate on strengthening its commercial presence.


TPG to Acquire Forcepoint’s Government Cybersecurity Business for $2.45 Billion
TPG Buying Forcepoint’s Government Cybersecurity Business for $2.45 Billion


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